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Yanna Kubic, 01.Dec.09

1st, 4th and 7th December (7.30 - 9.00 pm) in an undisclosed spot in Snowdonia National Park. A free bus to and from the venue will depart at 7.10 pm from Pwllheli railway station.

Polish interdisciplinary artist Yanna Kubic will perform 'wireless' for three nights amongst the mountains of North Wales. 'wireless' has been shaped by Kubic's experience of travelling alone for three weeks throughout the countryside of Wales without any access to any form of communication technology. It is a Thoreau-like meditation on how our identity is becoming increasingly dependent on, and defined by, an expanding virtual network which is non-physical and estranged from biological and tactile processes. She explores the tensions and anxieties that emerge when one is cut off from this surrogate existence but also what can come to replace it. She considers the question of whether this alternative is more primary or even morally called for, and thus what grounds do we have for making any decisions about 'how we should live'. This is a departure for Kubic, who has been exhibiting over the last few years in some of Britain's most established art venues and whose work addressed questions about the reception of art in such establishments.

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