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Contemporary Art Projects Gallery is shutting down, 28.Feb.09
Author Marina Giostra

Marina Giostra

Due to the so called “credit crunch” that affects the contemporary art market and the high rents of buildings located in the heart of Shoreditch, Contemporary Art Projects is shutting down its gallery at the end of February. As I occasionally work there as an intern, I can’t hide my disappointment seeing a small business closing down, especially when commercial artistic “empires” seem not to be suffering from the same crisis.

Keeping away my sadness, I would do like to call attention to the final programme of exhibitions. To celebrate the six years the gallery has been running, Contemporary Art Projects will present four exciting events over the next 3 weeks.

Hugh Gilmour, “Paintings and Sculptures”, 11-14 Feb, PV Friday 13 Feb
Tomas Georgeson “Unrealism” 18-21 Feb, PV Thursday 19 Feb;
Paul Butler “Ain’t it all bleedin shame” 23 –25 Feb, PV Wednesday 25 Feb;
Cathy Lomax and Mike Bartlett “Image Duplicator” 27-28 Feb, PV Friday 27 Feb.

On Friday 13th February, I attended the private view of the first artist, Hugh Gilmour. What I liked best in the exhibition was 25 small paintings (28x 25.5cm) titled “I am”. Here the artist explores the human body, but he doesn’t merely represent the sober image of man you might find in the medical book; rather his purpose is to create surreal paintings and for this objective he combines different media. In order to give the effect of the internal body workings, Gilmour uses shiny glitters and personalises his palette mainly with bright and metallic tones of black, pink, blue, white and red.

Three small abstract sculptures also drew my attention for their particular use of fragile transparent resin combined with the grey stone. The contrast in delicacy and roughness of materials produced an interesting effect that reminded me of an organic but alien creature.

In the current economic climate, the gallery model may change and become more based on temporary projects and virtual exhibitions. Accordingly, Contemporary Art Projects will continue to survive through the website, where further details about the next exhibitions will be available. They will continue to promote Start Your Collection through the website and at art fairs.

If you will hang about Shoreditch/Old Street, don’t miss the big clearance sale of the gallery that includes books, CDs, office equipment, furniture and artworks until 28th February 12-6 pm at 20 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DU.

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