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Antlers - Bristol's new nomadic art gallery, 23.Nov.10


Antlers is a gallery nomadic by design. With no fixed location, they produce temporary exhibitions moving through different spaces across Bristol. Antlers only permanent residence is their website which acts as a hub for all their projects and hosts the online shop. The gallery’s first pop-up exhibition - Grotesques will open for two weeks with a preview evening on Thursday 2nd December, 5 – 8pm in the otherwise empty retail space, 3 Whiteladies Gate.

The theme of Grotesques emerged from a rethinking of the traditional genre of wildlife art. Twelve Bristol based artists have produced new work responding to the title through a variety of mediums including; painting, sculpture, illustration, linocut and installation. The show reveals elements of the fantastic, ludicrous and bizarre and they intertwine with animal and human forms. The work ranges from a six foot realist painting of a Sphynx cat to intricate hand built ceramic creatures. The preview evening is open to all and will involve art, gin and Nordic music.

Antlers is a commercial gallery which aims to provide an accessible outlet for the sale of art. In a time where public arts funding is being cut, Antlers hopes to encourage private investment in art and therefore facilitate Bristol based artists to continue to make work within the city.

Antlers nomadic form responds to the current challenges facing a young business starting up in the recession. Overheads such as rent and rates have been reduced, exhibition durations have been shortened and electronic marketing has become central. All the strings that make a gallery work have been readdressed and recombined to shed unnecessary costs and make the gallery more efficient.

The Director of Antlers Jack Gibbon comments,

“Being nomadic gives us the flexibility to move around, reaching new audiences and responding to new and diverse spaces. Having no fixed location means our online presence is crucial, our website, facebook page and newsletter are our vital communication tools to keep people up to date and interacting with our projects.”

2nd - 19th December 2010, 11am – 7pm daily
Preview 2nd December, 5 - 8pm
3 Whiteladies Gate, Bristol, BS8 2PH

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