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Yutaka Sone: Secret for Snow Leopard

Yutaka Sone

19.Sep.07 - 16.Dec.07
Tue-Sat 10-6

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art
14 Wharf Rd
London N1 7RW
020 7490 7373
Tube Old Street, Angel, Shoreditch / Hoxton

Yutaka Sone is an artist whose great love and fascination for nature is combined with a wholly open approach to life and art. Working in various media, Sone makes installations, performance art, and films; he paints; and like a traditional sculptor carves hard marble and crystal.

Sone’s work is deeply influenced by his experiences, particularly those he has had during various expeditions in the Himalayas and in the jungle – two very different environments which for him represent extremes of life. In his work Sone fuses art with life, his vision informed by their infinite possibilities and a genuine desire to give tangible form to that which is quintessential in all things. This constant seeking for perfection is evident in all of his work.

In this exhibition, Sone shows several of his exquisitely carved marble pieces, some of which have never been shown before; a recreation of the jungle, a maquette-like architectural landscape that includes snow-capped mountains, rivers and tropical plants, all within the same self-contained world; and some twenty crystal snowflakes.


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