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Sliding Down A Radiant Abyss

Artists Alex Gene Morrison, James Unsworth

24.Jul.09 - 09.Aug.09
Open friday - sunday 12-6 and by appointment. Just ring the doorbell!
£ free

Crimes Town
Its the first door on the left on Yoakley Road (the metal door).
Postal Address is 110 Church St
London N16 0JX
Gavin - 07941361645 / Ben - 07747033795
Bus 73, 476, 149, 67, Dalston / Stoke Newington

“We're in the darkest region of the human brain, a radiant
abyss where men go to find themselves. Hell…we are in hell.”
Jack the Ripper- “From Hell”

Devolution, regression and return of human kind to a primordial state of chaos and potential are made a reality. A tumultuous, orgiastic bursting of horrific and sublime energy occurs as a by-product of this degeneration, demarcating a modicum of hope. A warped vision of regeneration, a weird sort of catharsis and cleansing that the three artists in ‘Sliding Down A Radiant Abyss’ elucidate with the use of painting, sculpture and film.

The transgressive use of material and form within the work is a key theme shared throughout the show. The artists test the limitations and capacity of their chosen medium to portray a darkly seductive, malign and at times pathological view of the human condition. The need for a constructive attrition of communal cultural identity is made urgent within the alternate realities of this latest group show.


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