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Lily Schroder
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Lily Schroder

Date of birth 22.Nov.88
Place of birth London
Country of residence United Kingdom

Recently completed Foundation in Art and Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and about to begin BA Fine Art Practice at Goldsmiths College. My recent work explores the relationship between the abstract and the figurative; how something unique like an emotional response to a situation can be expressed and cathartically dealt with through the use of familiar almost cliched domestic objects. The history of painting and colour (symbolism) also challenge and inform my work. I work in both 2D in 3D, and enjoy the translation between both forms.
My practice is driven by loose experimentation in conjunction with an ongoing process and dialogue with the objects I am working with. I see paint as an emotional tool, and am inspired by Abstract Expressionism and Minimailism. My work has been exhibited in Contemporary Art Projects Gallery and the Hayward Gallery.