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Hermione Carline
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Hermione Carline

Place of birth London
Country of residence United Kingdom

Carline’s work is a fusion of the myriad of experiences we absorb in a single day and a lifetime. Photography, drawings from life, watercolour, oil, mixed media and montage are all important components in Carline’s practice. The essence of her ideas are formed by sifting through and layering photographs and drawings, which in turn lead to her compositions. Her technique is to make drawings from her observational photographs of places and also people that she knows (often her daughters.) These drawings then take on new meanings and abstractions as she works to form the narrative work. The images might be overlapped or juxtaposed placing contradicting ideas within a single piece. Reality is often distorted and figures placed out of their original context.

Hermione trained at Camberwell and The Royal College of Art. She worked as a textile designer for 20 years before returning to her roots in Fine Art in 2005. Her designs have been sold throughout Europe, Japan and the USA including sales to Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, and Ralph Lauren. Her current work is in private collections in the UK. She has recently exhibited in The Discerning Eye, at the Mall galleries, London 2007.