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Hannah Knox
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Hannah Knox

Country of residence United Kingdom

MA Painting, Royal College of Art, 2007.

"There is a hillside with a waterfall cascading down it. Richard heads towards it knowing that at the bottom would be the perfect creek for trout fishing. It's a long journey but he knows it'll be worth it. Nearing the creek he can almost feel the cool waters and sliminess of the trout as he tickles them. Finally he arrives at the point where the creek should be, but there is nothing. Puzzled he looks back up to the waterfall, to follow its path and ponder where he went wrong - only the waterfall was never a waterfall; it was a white spiral staircase set into the hillside."
Hannah Knox, The Great Exhibition 2007, Royal College of Art Catalogue.

SaLon Gallery, SaLon Summer 2007 Show, an exhibition featuring some of the best art work of London's recent graduates from Goldsmiths, Royal Academy, Royal College of Art, Chelsea, City and Guilds, Wimbledon, Camberwell and Slade.
Borrowed Time - An exhibition of recent paintings by Lara Viana & Hannah Knox, Tricycle Gallery 14th January - 16th February 2008