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Glauce Cerveira
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Glauce Cerveira

Place of birth Brazil
Country of residence United Kingdom

"I want to grab and squeeze my thoughts, suspend empathy and become a detached observer of this amazing spectacle that is our time."

Glauce Cerveira's paintings are products of the perverse combination of a rigorous and precise representational logic and a wilful refusal to make sense. They evidence a delight in contradiction that makes her images difficult to categorise in terms of stylistic or formal antecedents.

In Cerveira's painted world the utilitarian becomes exotic, while the opulent or exotic often become treacherously activated. Pattern and decoration play an important role in her work but crucially they never play a servile foil to the figurative elements, they rather co-exist in a relationship of considerable tension.
It is this measured determination to challenge the conventions of looking that holds these paintings precipitously at the edge of optical overkill - their extremity is purposefully controlled.

Although everything in Cerveira's work is consummately painted, an analogous comparison with the digital image is not inappropriate. In particular the objects that appear and reappear in her work radiate with an intense and luminous virtuality. Cerveira often bases one element or another in a painting on a photographic source, but redraws it from a different viewpoint; changes the colour or the orientation of lighting; reinvents the surface. The objects in her images are convincingly solid but they never cast shadows; they look three-dimensional but they occupy spaces where spatial geometry has become meaningless. These images revel in their artificiality.

Extract from Marc Hulson essay.

1986 - 89 Central Saint Martins School of Art, BA honours Degree in Fine Art
1985 - 86 Chelsea School of Art, Art Foundation
1973 - 77 Universidade Federal do RS, Porto Alegre, Brazil, Architecture