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Gail Burton

Country of residence United Kingdom
Contact 07814 812 338

Gail Burton's work encompasses drawing, painting, text, performance, film, bookworks and installation. She explores ideas of loss, memory, history and commemoration, creating drawings from ephemeral materials such as Kleenex and rizla paper, portraits, and text works such as posters & 'text paintings.' The walk is a key theme in her work in both live art and writing; a means to re-explore the everyday, create a micro-history of place, and as a lens onto themes of filth and memorialisation. Her blog is an ongoing archive of drawings and documentation. She is part of the collaborative live art project walkwalkwalk and a founder member of WAN, the Walking Artist’s Network.

Exhibitions and Projects

walkwalkwalk-nightwalk winter solstice: More Things That Have Gone
GHost III – AISLE, performance with Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly, St. John's Church, Bethnal Green
Silent Bell Ringing performance, with Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly, Bitchwedge Gallery, Netil Market, London
The Second Annual Disguised Procession – ‘Dishclout, The Human Duster’, performance, Primrose Hill/Cecil Sharp House
East End Promise: A Story of Cultural Migrants, group exhibition, LondonNewcastle Project Space, Redchurch Street
Cut Back -Reading, Digging and Burying performance in group exhibition of site specific and performance art in Queen's Wood, London
Artsadmin/Town Hall Hotel, walkwalkwalk commission, Bethnal Green, London
nightwalk Summer Solstice
Look Harder, Group exhibition, Alexandra Palace Park

walkwalkwalk - nightwalk Winter Solstice
GHost II, Bethnal Green
DUST, solo exhibition and performance at Hovel, Camberwell
Showflat 7: The Annuale – group exhibtion, London
Honesty Box, Camberwell Arts Festival, London
A.A.A.B.A.M. Restored: That Was 2004 This is Now, 2nd Liverpool Artists’ Book Fair, (‘Meat Books’ included in performative lecture)
Good News – Alexandra Palace Park, London
Flash Company – A Handkerchief Show at Cecil Sharp House, London
The Sky is Always Blue, The Grass is Always Green – solo exhibition for Showflat

A Walk in the Park, Queen's Wood, London
walkwalkwalk: Stories from the Exeter Archive, Spacex, Exeter
Stone Cold Sober, Hermit's Cave, Camberwell

nightwalk winter solstice
Rector vs Spectre, The Residence, London
walkwalkwalk: Kensington and Chelsea Branch Archive, InTransit
E8: The Heart of Hackney-Chip Shop Tour of E8, Transition Gallery, London.

walkwalkwalk: Residency at Camden Arts Centre, part of Archipeinture; The Musical, with guest curator Tai Shani; Points of Non Interest, with guest artist Clive Brandon; nightwalk with film screening by Gimpo

nightwalk winter solstice
Kiosk (VX) Modes of Multiplication
Threads - workshops and exhibition at Spacex, Exeter

The Beds of Bethnal Green – Curator of exhibition, London
i can c my way home – Spacex, Exeter

New Contemporaries 2000, Milton Keynes Gallery
Events Bonner Road and Robinson Road ACME Studio Art Walk, 02.Feb.08, 1pm,,,,,


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