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Emma Biggs

On leaving university she worked as Vivienne Westwood's assistant for two seasons (Pirates and Buffalo Girls).

Left to tour the world as wardrobe mistress to 80s glam-band ABC.

She formed a tour management company with her partner ex-Mekon Andy Corrigan. Some of their bands included The Residents, the Gang of Four, Propaganda and Public Image Limited.

In 1987, having had a couple of children she set up Mosaic Workshop, now a mosaic studio with an international reputation. Joined by her colleagues Tessa Hunkin and James Postgate, they are currently undertaking new work for a number of chapels in Westminster Cathedral.

She makes collaborative paintings with her husband, the well-known art critic Matthew Collings - presenter of Channel Four's Turner Prize programme.
Public art Sartor Resartus, Wharf Walk


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