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Emi Avora
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Emi Avora

Date of birth 31.Dec.79
Place of birth Greece
Country of residence United Kingdom

Built up by layers of oil paint, the paintings are based on sketches, drawings, glimpses and a variety of sources, from glossy magazines to historical architecture and my own travelling (a combination of appreciation of the past and curiosity for the future).

I am interested in a fusion of the very ordered and the very chaotic. Through an exaggeration of elements and invention of shapes I try not only to describe an extravagant, opulent and cinematic realm but also to create dreamlike visions putting the viewer into a place that hovers between reality and fiction, between different countries and different centuries.

In my work I combine the linear with baroque elements, creating a somehow unfocused visual journey. The layers of translucent paint gradually form the image allowing a web of brush-strokes to describe its spaces. An intense sense of light is of great significance in the work as it acts as a way in or an exit point out of that journey.

It allows suggestions of infinity or describes claustrophobic areas.
The colours are very particular, describing beauty that borders with decadence, grandeur that verges onto repulsion. Some of the colours are used to create a dense, almost saturated environment, whereas others are more diffused and light-hearted. In the process of painting distortion is allowed to take place and often emphasises the fictional. Through my paintings I try to position the viewer into places of wonder and sometimes anxiety, exploring otherworldly beauty through using the familiar.

She lives and works in London studied at Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford University (BA 1999) and Royal Academy Schools, London (MA 2002)

Solo Exhibitions:
'A million mirrors', Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York, 2007
‘In the ruins’, Contemporary Art Projects, London 2006
‘On the verge’, Amy- Jo Spitallier presents, London 2006

Group Exhibitions:
‘Defining the contemporary, Whitechapel Gallery, London 2006
‘Present in the Past’ Michele Fletcher, Emi Avora and Duncan Swann, Sarah Myerscough gallery,
London 2006
‘Introductions’, Greenberg Van Doren Gallery - New York 2005
‘The Wonderful Fund Collection’, Le Musée de Marrakech - Marrakech 2005
‘London Now: Are You In Love Yet?’, Arts Centre - St Petersburg, Florida, US 2005
‘Short Stories About Glamour’, Hiscox Art Projects - London 2004
‘Schwanengesang’, Mousonturm - Frankfurt 2004
‘Draft’, Nairs Culture Centre, Scuol - Switzerland 2004
‘Summer Pursuits’, Store Gallery - London 2004
‘East End Academy’, Whitechapel Gallery - London 2004
‘Aquaesale’, Initinere, Salento - Italy 2003
‘Oriel Mostyn Open’, Oriel Mostyn Gallery - Wales 2003

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant - Canada 2005
Nairs Foundation Art Residency - Switzerland 2004
Boise Foundation Travel Scholarship - New York 2002