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Danny Lane

Place of birth USA

Lane’s work combines a monumental, and at times brutal, physicality; stacked and fractured glass, twisted or rusted steel, with his strong belief in the metaphysical and transcendental qualities of art. Lane’s sculptures seek not, to represent the individual ego, rather, following Collins, he aims at a spiritual dimension through an immersion in
the material. For this reason, working in the studio with his team of skilled technicians, is fundamental to Lane’s practice. His London studio is equipped to create works of considerable scale, in glass, and in steel. Glass furnaces will now enable Lane to create works of fluidity and brilliant colour.
Danny Lane was, with Ron Arad and Tom Dixon, an architect of the avant-garde furniture movement of the 1980s. His sculptural glass furniture such as the dramatic Etruscan Chair (1986) and Stacking Chair, introduced the thrill of broken glass to the slick design world of the 80's. The tension in those early works still informs both his public sculptures and his continually innovative furniture.

Lane’s sculptures exploit the strength of glass under compression and combine feats of design and engineering to produce work, breathtaking in its apparent simplicity. He uses the refractive and reflective qualities of his media to challenge expectations, engaging the viewer in a physical and metaphysical dialogue. On a large or small scale, Lane’s works redefine architectural space. Such site specific works as Opening Line (2004, Gateshead, UK) and Assembly Field (2006, National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff, UK) are inspired by and re-draw their surroundings though the manipulation of space and light.
Public art Parting of the Waves


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