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Cristina Marignoli
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Cristina Marignoli

Country of residence United Kingdom

Cristina Marignoliís work is constructed layer upon layer, as there are different levels of consciousness, and rests on a dynamic balance between the passage of time and a sense of immediacy and now-ness... the eternal present. The structures are spaces of the mind, labyrinths where a sense of anxiety prevents one from reaching the centre, where the body has become a stranger, they are also gates through which we can enter into parallel worlds which elude and yet define our conscious thoughts.
A painting by its very nature is a physical object occupying a certain space but also it is a psychological and spiritual entity. There is an interchange and sharing of ideas, of something that goes beyond the spoken word, a symbolic dimension, one that speaks to a different kind of space which we all share consciously and unconsciously, an interactive process between the maker and the observer. A gallery is an enclosed space bounded by four walls, an image can change our perception of it, transforming it; paintings are gates to other spaces, some are unbounded, some claustrophobic and labyrinthine, where one has to make one's way through the constrictions.