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Cathy Lomax
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Cathy Lomax

Date of birth 13.Jul.63
Place of birth London
Country of residence United Kingdom

Cathy Lomax’s practice is rooted in the romance of popular culture, assimilating media fictions and mythologies of fame into a seductive story- telling process. Photography is the source material through which she re-invents her wish-list of popular icons- particularly from English history and contemporary culture. Varied personas appear on her canvases- Marina Duchess of Kent, Kim Marsh, Mary Bell, even Chechen terrorists; revealing a process of self-interrogation and the degree to which the self is structured and formed through shared popular and cultural fictions.

She studied at Central St Martins, London; is the editor of Art Fanzine Arty and Garageland; and runs Transition Gallery. Selected exhibitions include: 2006 Vignettes: Sad stories of beauty, exploitation and prestige, Rosy Wilde; 2004 She's No Angel, James Coleman; Girl on Girl, Transition Gallery, London.

'The Painting Room' Transition Gallery, London

'The Future Can Wait' Atlantis Gallery, London
'Girlsworld' Grey Area, Brighton

'Mary Mary Mary Mary', Augsburg
'Vignettes', Rosy Wilde
'For Peel', No More Grey

'She's No Angel', James Coleman
'Girl on Girl', Transition

'Fanclub', Rose Wilde
'Vaguely Romantic', Rosy Wilde
'Arty-tecture', Transition
'Front Room', 16 King Henry's Road, Lewes
'Alleyoops', Transition

'Ideal Homes', Transition
'Idolise', Notting Hill Arts Club