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Bianca Brunner
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Bianca Brunner

Date of birth 25.Mar.74
Place of birth Switzerland
Country of residence United Kingdom

Bianca Brunner was born in Switzerland and has graduated this year with an MA in photography from the RCA. This follows earlier degrees in the visual arts and photography both in Zurich and London. In 2004, Bianca was selected to show her work at the ‘reGeneration: 50 photographers of tomorrow’ exhibition, which started at the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland. The exhibition has continued to tour world- wide.
Whether it be hiding curled up on a cot or reaching up to pull a partition between light and dark (as in the image above), Brunner's characters and interiors probe into the representation of spiritual presence, absence, transcendence, the possibility of transition and rebirth via all these states in a world that may, at the same time, be seen as silent, empty, and only perceivable as a beautiful play between surface, light, and darkness. Her photographs were one of the highlights in 'ReGeneration - 50 Photographers of Tomorrow', the traveling exhibition which is currently at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design (to 22 April), and right now it may also be seen in 'Arrebato', the first exhibition at Camera Obscura, Madrid's newest and most promising photography-centred art gallery (to 28 Feb), and a show which will explore the work of other artists sharing some thematic affinities with Brunner's work - a completely modernised take on mystical contemplation, interior and exterior, as captured in certain contemporary artists' practices. Aperture has made a limited edition print of one of Brunner's most strikingly oneiric photographs, the deja-vu, both delicate and dynamic, of 'Limbo 5' (2003). 'When we touch things, or move in certain ways, the thoughts attached to these bodily functions can pop up', Brunner says. 'Or it can be the other way around; remembering something can unleash certain physical feelings or even movements. This phenomenon . . . the displacement in time that takes place when a latent image suddenly emerges and disrupts the scene of the present . . . is what this work is all about'. The edition is still available from Aperture's online shop.

2007 "Arrebato" (Nan Goldin, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Sally Mann, Bill
Henson...), camara oscura art gallery, Madrid, Spain
«11 Contemporaries» at Michael Hoppen, London UK
RCA Print Auction, White Space, County Hall Gallery, London UK
ReGeneration, «50 photographers of tomorrow», Aperture
Foundation, New York, USA
RE-STAGE at the Arts Gallery, London, UK
2005 ReGeneration, «50 photographers of tomorrow», Galleria Carla
Sozzani, Milano, Italy
Exhibition Scholarship City of Zurich, «Helmhaus» for contemporary
Art, Zurich, Switzerland
ReGeneration, «50 photographers of tomorrow», Museé de l’Elysée,
Lausanne, Switzerland
Fosterart Collection Exhibition 2005, Fosterart Gallery, Shoreditch,
London, UK
2004 Future Map Visual Art Exhibition 2004, The Arts Gallery, London, UK
Degree Show, London College of Communication, London, UK
Future Map Visual Art Exhibition, 2004. Regeneration,